Friday, 3 March 2017

Berbera Somaliland

There's a lot of fuss in Somaliland right now over a possible UAE military base being built in the coastal town of Berbera, where the giant company DP World is taking over the port. 

I expect this will bring changes to the town and its buildings, many of which are decorated with fishes and nautical images. Here are some of my photos from the town as it now.

Blankets offer a bit of shade for the trucks

Grave of a Sufi saint

I was told these chimney pots were from the days Somaliland was a British protectorate


  1. Love your pictures lived in Berbera 1958 to 1960 my favourite place in Somaliland.

  2. It may not be the exact house but identical to the one I lived in two houses from the old government house,mine was next door to the mosque .

  3. I don't know where the information of the chimneys came from,but in my memory I can't remember any European structures built in Berbera other than some basic government offices a warehouse and a jetty housing one small electric crane.
    The biggest construction was on the spit of land which forms the natural harbour,My father oversaw the construction of a radio relay station on behalf of the D.W.S. The Diplomatic Wireless Service.Although completed it never became operational due to pressures implemented by the now independent Somali government,the British army dismantled all the mechanics and was installed on a then British controlled island off the coast of Yemen.
    Hope you find this insight interesting,as a 70yr old I may be one of the few Europeans still living withe insight to this period of Somalilands history.


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